Communication Workshop by Chunky Onion Events – Use of Role Play Training to Build Employees’ communication skills

March 14, 2014

Getting staff excited about training and workshops can be achieved! Chunky Onion Events makes work training interactive and fun with theatre based communications and exciting role play activities.

Professionally trained actors bring employees together to act out a variety of scenarios that could happen in any workplace and add extra realism with their professional background. Each Chunky Onion Events training program is custom tailored to meet each specific business’ requirements. Chunky Onion Events’ role play training program teaches transferrable skills in a memorable way, develops solutions for scenarios with each company’s HR department, and maximizes staff development.

Role-play communications training is useful for a variety of corporate needs. Chunky Onion Events training program addresses conflict resolution, staff management, teamwork, customer service, and more. With an Asian background and a Western influence, Chunky Onion Events role-play program is perfect for exploring diversity in the workplace and offers support in several languages.

Keep employees interested while learning with Chunky Onion Events! To see an extensive list of entertainment and party planning services, visit Chunky Onion Events online or call at +852 2110 0014.


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Chunky Onion Productions Presents: Corporate Role-play Communications Training

January 20, 2014

You’ve made a commitment to excellence in your business. To achieve that excellence, and to maintain it consistently, you need to maximize your staff’s development and to create proactive solutions that meet your commercial objectives.

Chunky Onion Productions is your answer. Utilizing professional actors and employing highly experiential interactive drama exercises and role-play, we teach memorable, transferable behavioral skills, and custom-design business solutions in collaboration with your own department and frontline managers.

Chunky Onion Productions has deep roots in theatre and drama-based training. Our skilled actors employ drama and role-play techniques to deliver communications training to businesses across the Asia-Pacific region. We have multi-lingual capabilities (Cantonese, Mandarin and English). Our “Asian Roots” and Western influence allow for true cross-cultural communication.

We can help your staff members prepare for a future event or encounter, and improve abilities within a job or assignment. We can aid you in conflict resolution, explore diversity issues, and improve teamwork. We can assess an individual’s competencies against other individuals in a controlled environment. Chunky Onion Productions’  Forum Theatre-based learning demonstrates how your own behavior affects the behavior of those with whom you are communicating. Our actors draw upon their drama expertise to replay scenarios using alternative behavioral characteristics: they respond to interaction realistically and “in character,” displaying anger, interest, and empathy as appropriate to the communication.

In this way, Chunky Onion Productions is able to illustrate to the group how one’s own behavior and language influence the outcome of a communication with a colleague, a stakeholder, a client, or a customer.

This realistic training creates a very safe environment that encourages risk-taking and self expression. And our confident, experienced actors ensure that your training is always interesting and engaging.

We are more than “just” a Theatre Company – We are a business, committed to excellence, that fully and deeply understands your commitment! Call us today at +852 3188 1874. Let’s role play together!

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Hedge Fund Fight Nite Weigh in and Match Ups

November 2, 2008

The matches are set for this great charity event! Watch Tim Murphy from IP Global, Andrew Wong Kee from JAB Gym and the fighters themselves discuss the upcoming brawl on 30 October.

IP Global的Tim Murphy及JAB Gym 的Andrew Wong Kee 會介紹十月三十日舉行的慈善盛事:對沖基金搏擊之夜.另外,最終的決戰名單已經公布,每位選手均曾接受專業訓練及嚴厲的淘汰,留下來的,實力不容忽視,戰況勢必激烈,請到www.SO-U.TV收看吧!

The Contenders: Hedge Fund Fight Night Hong Kong

October 16, 2008

16 financial heavy weights put on the gloves to deal a knock out blow to competitors. Hedge Fund Fight Night Charity Hong Kong October 30.

16 名重量級的財務從業員帶上拳套,準備來一場生死鬥,把所有對手擊敗,並得到最終的勝利 .對沖基金搏擊之夜慈善拳賽將於十月廿五日舉行

JAB – Hedge Fund Fight Night: Making the Cut!

October 3, 2008

Hedge Fund Fight Night Elimination! 31 fired up wanabes stepped into the ring but only 12 will make it to the final match. The herd has already been culled down to 21 and 8 more will meet their end tonight. The financial world is like the fight world – only the strong survive.

Hedge fund fight night coming again!

September 24, 2008

There is another Hedge Fund Fight Night coming up soon. Check out this blog with lists of the boxers who have made the first cut.

JAB – Hedge Fund Fight Night

September 19, 2008

When it comes to fitness there is no boring routine at Jab. They manage all aspects of their business like their workouts; fun, fast and interactive. That is why they chose Prosperity Research to pump up their internet presence and get them in touch with their client base. Prosperity Research will create a dynamic high energy internet campaign that will send a knock out punch to their competitors.

來到JAB 做運動,一定不會覺沉悶.他們的宗旨是有趣,快捷及互動.他們希望透過Prosperity Research, 提高他們在互聯網知名度及接觸他們的顧客群.Prosperity Research 會協助他們擊倒對手的.

New leash on life, the abandoned little dog

March 20, 2008

My name is Georgie. I am a young and cute little Maltese that was abandoned for no reason in the street of Hong Kong. I was hungry, dirty, smelly and oh so very sad. Luckily I was found by the team of Hong Kong Dog Rescue and I was given another chance: a New Leash of Life! Watch my makeover at